Drain Re Lay Blackpool

Here is an example of a drain replacement that was carried out this week.

We had previously attended to clear a blocked drain. Upon clearance our engineer investigated the cause of the problem using a see snake look see camera and found that there was several areas where the drain was leaking to ground causing large displacements in the drain run which in turn was causing the drain to block and back up.

We reccomended to the customer and their insurance company that the damaged section of drain was replaced.

An excavation team attended to replace the damaged drain and once the repair had been completed the customer asked us to stone the ground up ready for another contractor to complete final re instatement.

We carry out all scales or sizes of projects from small domestic repairs like this one to large scale site projects. (See our other projects) As well as repairs we also undertake all other aspects of drainage work including CCTV repairs, Jetting and Investigation.

Should you have a similar problem contact us 01253 811181 info@pipescan.co.uk