Drain Inspection and Testing


Leak Detection System

We understand that drainage problems can be hugely disrupting whether that’s in a household or workplace. It’s important to locate and fix the problem fast so things can resume to normal and any drainage problems don’t develop into more critical issues, which is where we come in.

At Pipescan we have a team of engineers trained to locate any leaks in your drainage system, find the best solution to fix the leak and prevent further issues from occurring. Using a variety of methods including air, smoke, water testing and ultra-sonic location methods, we shall have your drainage system fixed in no time. Renowned for our reliable and efficient service, we are experts at finding a drain problem quickly, causing minimal disruption in the process. As well as leaks, a drain inspection survey can also identify any structural problems, root ingresses or blockages.

A drain inspection and locating is usually a recommended procedure before any building work is carried out in the vicinity of drainage and before making alterations to buildings. This will help to reduce any damage to the existing drainage during the construction work. It is also useful for those who suspect they have a problem with their drainage system at home and need professional help to get the problem fixed.

If you are interested in our leak detection services or would like any more information about the drain leak repair process, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today and we shall be happy to help in any way we can.