Keeping Drains Unblocked in Blackpool | Benefits of Effective Drainage Systems

Inefficient or faulty drainage leads to costly damage and repairs. To avoid the stress which comes with inferior drainage systems, it is important to hire a reputable contractor, such as Pipescan Ltd, for all drain work in Poulton-le-Fylde and Blackpool. We guarantee drain repairs and installations are right the first time, using reliable CCTV drain surveys to ensure the most accurate work. These help locate any damage to pipes, as well as helping resolve issues with blocked drains.


Whether a domestic or commercial property, it is essential to have an effective drainage system in place, otherwise excess water builds up. If you notice water pooling, it’s time to investigate the cause. Your system will most likely require drain repairs or need drains unblocked. We also install new drainage for modern builds and renovations in Blackpool and the North West. Regular maintenance of drainage systems prevents blocked drains and enables our contractors to fix minor damage before it becomes more serious.


CCTV drain surveys are unobtrusive and allow us to monitor the condition of drains in Blackpool and surrounding areas. By pinpointing the location of blockages, they make it easy to get drains unblocked quickly. When choosing our specialist services, you enjoy benefits such as:


Property Protection


Poor drainage systems and blocked drains allow excess water to accumulate, causing damp and flooding. Over time, water seeps into brickwork and causes internal damp. This creates further problems such as mould, ill-health and structural damage to the foundations of properties. Drain surveys and drain repairs protect homes and businesses in Blackpool.


Improved Resale Value


Ensuring your property has an effective and well-maintained drainage system in place adds to its value. It also makes it easier to sell. Properties that need drain repairs, or have problems like damp, put off buyers and lower the asking price. We recommend all potential homebuyers and sellers in Blackpool, Poulton-le-Fylde and nearby areas, undertake full drain surveys.


Safeguarding Health


Regular drain maintenance prevents blocked drains, which impact health and wellbeing. Failure to get drains unblocked leads to build-ups of stagnant water and sewage, as well as other problems. This impacts physical and mental health.


Garden Maintenance


Good garden drainage prevents soil degradation which creates a muddy ground surface, resulting in soil erosion.


Drainage systems are vital for maintaining safe and sanitary environments. When coupled with heavy rainfall, blocked drains result in severe flooding, just like the North West saw in 2017. At Pipescan, we guarantee public and private drainage systems in Blackpool receive appropriate and effective drain repairs and maintenance. Our solutions prevent customers experiencing the ill effects of damaged and blocked drains. CCTV drain surveys and 24-hour call outs mean we identify and resolve problems quickly.


To get the most from your Blackpool drainage system, it is important to choose a certified company. Pipescan is NADC and CHAS verified, providing our customers with expert advice and services. We ensure every job receives the best solutions and materials.


For specialist solutions to blocked drains and ongoing drainage maintenance, call 01253 811181.

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