Blocked Drains in Blackpool | How to Avoid Blockages Around Your Home

Blockages are the most common issue our drainage experts resolve. This is because indoor and outdoor drains can easily become blocked without proper care and maintenance. With many years of experience, the team at Pipescan Ltd know all the common and unusual causes of blocked drains. As such, we are in the perfect position to offer advice about preventing blockages at your home in Blackpool, Lancaster or Preston.


As well as helping you avoid the annoyance that blocked systems bring, we also help you avoid the unpleasant side effects, such as foul smells, leaks and property damage. To ensure your drains stay in the best possible condition, we’ve provided a handy guide to preventing blocked drains around your home:




Blockages in kitchen drains generally result from food waste building up in the pipes. Consequently, the best way to minimise the risk of blocked drains is to pay close attention to what goes down your drains.


Some simple steps you can take in Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston include:


  • Scraping plates thoroughly to ensure as little food as possible goes down the drain.
  • Using soaps and detergents that adequately break down cooking grease and oil.
  • Pouring grease into a container then waiting for it to cool before scraping it into the bin.
  • If you must pour grease down the drain, blast cold water down immediately after. This solidifies the grease which stops it sticking to the inside of the pipes.


For more advice about preventing blockages, or for expert solutions to clear blocked drains, contact us today.




As with kitchen drains, it’s important to monitor what goes down bathroom plugholes in the Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston areas. However, rather than food, blocked drains in bathrooms result from foreign objects finding their way into the system.


Bathroom blockages commonly occur when people flush inappropriate waste or drop small household items down the drain. This includes:


  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Cotton Wool
  • Hair Grips
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Excessive Amounts of Toilet Paper


Nappies, wipes, tampons and similar products should always go in the bin. If you flush them, they can easily get stuck in narrow pipes, causing an overflow of water. It’s also important to try and avoid dropping foreign objects, such as hair grips, down the drain. If these become stuck, they quickly cause other debris to build up, resulting in blocked drains in Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston homes.


Another key tip is to remove hair from the drain every time you have a shower or bath. This prevents a build-up of hair which can cause a blockage.


Outdoor Drains


Just like drains inside your home, outdoor drains can become blocked. At Pipescan Ltd, we recommend our customers in Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston take steps to prevent leaves, foliage and other garden waste washing into drains.


Simply sweeping your garden regularly, especially in the autumn, and using a compost heap for leaves can prevent blocked drains outside your home.


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