CCTV Drain Surveys in Preston, Lancaster and all Areas Surrounding Blackpool

The best way to identify the cause of your drainage problems is by conducting a CCTV survey. Our engineers provide customers throughout Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston and the surrounding areas with reliable drain surveys. By gaining a clear insight into the cause of blocked drains, leaks and other issues, we can find the most effective solution for you.


CCTV surveys are also the sensible choice for homebuyers and property developers because they allow for the full inspection of the drainage system ahead of an exchange of contracts.


Conducting drain surveys is a straightforward and unobtrusive way to identify any issues with your drains. We lower a remote CCTV camera into the pipes, which we carefully manoeuvre through the entire system. This transmits a live feed to our contractors, who accurately identify problems and weaknesses. As well as finding the cause of blocked drains, we use surveys to locate damage, collapses and tree root intrusion.


We cater to every budget and need, performing everything from basic check-ups to full colour surveys. No matter the size of the job, or where you are located around Cumbria or Lancashire, we quickly identify and resolve your drainage problems.

drains unblocked in Preston
drain surveys in Preston

Contact Pipescan today for CCTV drain surveys in Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston and the surrounding areas to experience the following benefits:


  • Speedy Analysis – CCTV inspections are the fastest way to identify drainage problems.
  • Accurate Diagnosis – We eliminate guesswork because our contractors can see the issue clearly and immediately determine an effective solution.
  • Cost Effective – Our drain surveys save domestic and commercial customers money by preventing the need for repeat visits.
  • Minimal Disruption – We carry out work on the affected part of the drain, rather than performing an excavation to locate the problem.


CCTV drain surveys are popular with property developers and potential homebuyers in Blackpool and the North West. We carry out full assessments of drain systems to check their quality and condition. This saves you considerable money down the road by addressing any potential issues before they arise.


We also carry out pre-adoption and full site surveys for larger building and civil companies. Whatever the project, our qualified Poulton-le-Fylde engineers provide all drainage solutions.


Drain surveys are also important if you are considering extending a property in Lancaster, Preston or any nearby town. If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, drainage for each building will connect to a shared pipe that runs along the back of the homes. Construction places strain on these pipes, but CCTV surveys give party wall surveyors a full understanding of the pipework condition.


If pipework is in a poor state before building work begins, the survey ensures the property owner is not liable for any costly repairs which may occur during, or after, construction.

For complete drain surveys and inspections in Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston and surrounding areas, call 01253 811181.

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drains unblocked in Preston
drain surveys in Preston
drains unblocked in Preston
drain surveys in Preston