Repair a Damaged Drain for A Local Council St Annes

We were asked to attend this site by a local authority as the toilets in a public park where blocked. An enginner attended and cleared the blockage and reported back to the council that there was a problem down stream of the manhole.

After a seperate attendance with our engineer and the council engineer we cleared the blockage again and pinpointed the location and depth of the problem, we were then given authorisation to proceed with the works.

Once on site to carry out the excavation we scanned the area for services and we were also told that there wouldn't be any present.

We excavated down and found a ducted electric cable, 2 lead water pipes, 1 mains electricity cable and the original road surface which was 2 meters below the existing ground service, some of these service where below the original road surface.

Once the drain had been located and trench supports installed we where able to identify 2 problems on the pipe, this section of drain was removed and replaced with new plastic pipe.

The entire excavtion was then back filled and compacted in stages and the trench supports removed.

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