Drain Repairs in Preston | Key Signs of Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion is a common cause of drain problems. When roots grow into pipes, they reduce water flow, cause a build-up of waste and can completely block your system in Blackpool or Preston. Tree roots can also cause damage that requires professional drain repairs. Consequently, it’s important to address tree root intrusion as soon as possible. However, it can be difficult to spot signs of a tree root obstruction. That’s why our team has provided a handy guide, so you know what to look out for.


By identifying tree root intrusion quickly, we can address the issue before it becomes more serious. The following are some of the key signs that tree roots are causing an obstruction:


Slow Drains


Slow drains are usually one of the first signs you will notice when there’s a problem with your system. This can be slow draining sinks, toilets, baths and showers in Blackpool and Preston. Although slow drains can indicate a number of issues, such as leaks requiring drain repairs, one potential cause is tree root ingress.


When roots grow into your drains, any waste tangles in the roots and starts to build up. As debris accumulates, it becomes harder for water to pass through, resulting in slower drainage. If left, this can lead to completely blocked drains at your Blackpool or Preston property. It can also result in you needing more extensive drain repairs.


Ground Soft Spot


Depending on the depth and location of the obstruction, tree root intrusion can cause a soft spot in your garden or the land surrounding your commercial property. Tree roots can cause a hole in the pipe which results in water leaking into the ground. The earth around the pipe then becomes saturated. This creates a muddy area or soft spot that will eventually sink in. You will likely also notice a bad smell in this area.


In cases where tree roots have caused holes and damage to pipes, we undertake drain repairs or replacement in Blackpool and Preston. Depending on the extent of the tree root intrusion, we may be able to repair or replace individual sections of pipework.


Enhanced Green Patches


Although this isn’t the best way to identify tree root ingress, it is a good indicator. If you notice an area of bushes or other plants is greener than surrounding vegetation, or if one tree is growing quicker, this suggests that area is getting more nutrients.


This may be because the roots of those plants have grown into your drains and are consequently getting more water.


Fixing the Problem


Pipescan Ltd offers a range of services to effectively resolve tree root intrusion and get your home or business in the Blackpool and Preston areas back to normal as quickly as possible. This includes CCTV surveys, root removal techniques and drain repairs.


Where tree root ingress is more severe, you may require excavation services. The best way to avoid expensive and disruptive drain repairs is with regular maintenance.


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