Installations and Drain Repairs in Lancaster and the Surrounding North West Area

Our engineers, trained to a minimum City & Guilds standard, regularly carry out drain repairs and installations throughout Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston and the surrounding areas. There are many reasons why you may need repairs or replacements, but we always ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. Sometimes, this means a full replacement of an existing drainage system, which Pipescan performs to current trade and industry regulations.


We also provide drain installations for new developments, delivering a consistently dependable service to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.


Drain Repairs


For repairs, we first inspect the system to gain a complete understanding of any problems. Our modern CCTV equipment enables us to easily locate blockages or damage to your drainage, while air, smoke and water testing helps us identify leaks.


Common reasons for drain repairs in Poulton-le-Fylde, Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston include:


  • Old earthenware pipework fracturing
  • Pipes collapsing due to pressure or corrosion
  • Tree roots growing into drains
  • Deformed pitch fibre pipework


One of the best ways to conduct repairs is by installing full length liners to the existing drainage system or installing patch liners. Our contractors will discuss the best solution for domestic or commercial repairs.

Drain Lining & Patch Repairs


If suitable, we perform full-length lining and in-situ patch repairs. These are also known as trenchless drain repairs because they don’t require excavation. This makes lining the most efficient and unobtrusive method for your home or business.


To repair drains, we install a resin-soaked liner into the damaged pipework. We cure and inflate this to leave a hardened, watertight sleeve. Liners and patches are available to customers in Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston and the north West in different sizes and materials. We also help with faulty lining installations and with lateral cutting.


If lining or patching drains is not appropriate, we often fix the issue by carrying out a small, localised excavation. However, if the damage is too extensive for patch drain repairs, it may be necessary to replace a section of pipework. Reasons for this include ground movement, external damage and large-scale root intrusion.


Contact us today to discover the most effective solution to your drainage problems.


Drainage Installation


If your drain system is considerably damaged or outdated, it may be time to replace it entirely. Our team is adept at laying new drains for domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Lancashire and Cumbria. Working with local building inspectors, we have gained extensive experience in trench drain installation.


We ensure all jobs in Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston and the surrounding areas meet current regulations and we reinstate systems to an operational standard. Pipescan regularly works with housing associations, councils and building companies on drainage installations for new and existing builds.


No matter the scale of your project, we deliver installations of the highest quality.


At Pipescan, the needs of our customers are a priority and we understand the disturbance that accompanies construction work. Our reliable and efficient services result in minimal disruption to you or your neighbours.

For drain repairs, replacements and installations in Lancaster, Blackpool and the North West, call us today on 01253 811181.

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