Drain Surveys in Lancaster | 5 Benefits of CCTV Surveys

Thanks to the reliability and accuracy of CCTV equipment, drain surveys are ideal for identifying problems with your system. Using the latest technology, we gain a clear image of your pipework, allowing us to see exactly what the issue is, and where it is. With this information, we deliver precise and effective solutions as quickly as possible. As such, CCTV surveys offer our customers in Lancaster, Blackpool and the surrounding areas a variety of benefits.


Whether you’re a homeowner, homebuyer or commercial client, you can enjoy the advantages of our drain surveys. The following are just some of the key benefits we provide:


1. Quick Analysis


One of the main appeals of CCTV surveys is that they allow us to quickly assess your system and diagnose any issues with minimal hassle. At Pipescan Ltd, we understand that when you’re having a problem with your drains, you want it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why drain surveys are the perfect option.


Because we lower a camera into the drain, there’s no need to excavate. As well as saving a lot of time, this minimises disruption to your home or business in Lancaster.


2. Minimal Disruption


The last thing you want is people digging up the ground around your property or pulling up your floorboards to look for the cause of drain problems. When you want effective solutions in Lancaster that don’t disrupt your lifestyle, CCTV drain surveys are the way to go.


By manoeuvring a camera through your pipework, we find the exact location of the leak, collapse or other issue. We can then carry out work to just that part of the drain. In addition to minimising disruption, this saves considerable time and money.


3. Accurate Assessment


Because our camera provides a clear picture of your entire drain system, we can see exactly what the problem. This means there’s no guesswork involved, and we can offer the most effective solutions that we know will work.


For example, if your drains in Lancaster are damaged, we can see the type and extent of damage and devise a suitable plan, such as patch lining or replacement.


4. Ideal for Property Owners & Homebuyers


If you’re thinking of buying a property, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. CCTV drain surveys let you know the condition of the system and if there are any problems. Surveys are also ideal for those selling their homes because well maintained systems are attractive to potential buyers.


CCTV surveys are also an important aspect of drain maintenance. A periodic survey ensures your drains are in good condition and addresses any minor issues before they become more serious. At Pipescan Ltd, we offer services for all domestic and commercial systems in Lancaster, including sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.


5. Cost Effective


If you repeatedly need visits from a drainage expert, the cost can quickly add up. However, our drain surveys in Lancaster ensure we find the cause of the problem and deliver a suitable, effective solution the first time around.


As well as saving you money, this avoids the stress and hassle of continuous drain problems.


For reliable drain surveys in Lancaster and the surrounding areas, call Pipescan Ltd today on 01253 811181.

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