Blocked Drains in Lancaster | Your Guide to Pitch Fibre Pipes

Our contractors cover all domestic, commercial and industrial drain repairs in Lancaster. Your problems may be easier to fix than you think, and it might be as simple as having your drains unblocked professionally. However, there are many other reasons your drainage system may be ineffective. Using specialist CCTV drain surveys, we inspect your system and determine what, if any, repairs are necessary. While blocked drains are a common issue, we also regularly repair and replace old drainage materials, including pitch fibre pipework.


Pitch fibre became a common material for drainage pipes in the late 1950s. This was easy to install and cheaper than traditional earthenware or vitrified clay pipework, making it a popular choice in the UK. By the 1970s, pitch fibre was found to be defective and quickly taken out of circulation.


However, there are still thousands of kilometres of pitch fibre pipework in the UK, including Lancaster and the North West.


The Problem with Pitch Fibre


Over time, this material begins to deform, creating an uneven internal surface and increasing the chance of blocked drains. This also results in delamination, where the fabric of the pipes disintegrates, causing them to squash flat. When this happens, you will need drain repairs.


Sometimes, when our contractors receive calls to get drains unblocked or carry out repairs, CCTV drain surveys reveal the problem to be collapsing pitch fibre pipes. In these cases, the only solution is to excavate and replace the affected drainage. This is an expensive and disruptive procedure which we try our best to avoid.


Pitch Fibre Solutions


With regular maintenance and drain surveys, we catch the early stages of deformation and delamination of pitch fibre pipes in Lancaster and the nearby areas. Early discovery removes the need for excavation and renewal as we can provide in situ drain repairs, such as soft felt lining. Inspections also help prevent blocked drains and the further issues these cause.


If your domestic or commercial property in Lancaster has pitch fibre drainage pipes, we highly recommend inspection of the system through CCTV drain surveys. If suitable, we perform drain repairs by reforming the pipework, requiring minimal disruption.


It is also important to undertake homebuyers’ surveys to check the condition of systems before investing.


With specialist equipment, our drainage contractors return the pipes to their original circular shape and install a liner. Through a curing process, this hardens and prevents the pitch fibre deforming again in the future. As well as preventing collapse, this also helps to keep drains unblocked in Lancaster.


Pitch Fibre & Blockages


Due to the undulating internal surface of pitch fibre drains, they are prone to developing blockages. Pipescan provides a range of services to get drains unblocked, including drain surveys, water jetting and rodding.


While we can use these methods to clear pitch fibre constructions, they often strip the layers of the material, accelerating corrosion and the need for drain repairs. For the most effective drainage systems, and to prevent further blocked drains, contact our qualified contractors for reliable pitch fibre solutions.


For complete and partial drain repairs and replacements in Lancaster, as well as effective solutions to clear blocked drains, call 01253 811181.

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