Drain Re Route Ilkley

We were called to this property to provide a quote for a deep drainage replacement. The client had previously had the drain surveyed which found multiple problems on several areas of the system. Upon carrying out our investigation we ruled out the possibility of lining the drain due to the severity of the displacements on the majority of the joints.

As the drain were upto 2m deep we looked into the possibilty of re routing the drain at a shallower level to minimise disruption and costs.

The re route was accepted by the customer and his insurance company, a schedule of works was organised with the customer and then a suitable date was arranged for the works to be carried out.

An excavation team attended and excavated to the upstream end of the system so we could find our level and then the rest of the trench was excavted, new pipe was laid, bedded and backfilled. The ramp area was left ready for the customers builder to re concrete and we re laid the turf across the garden.

We travel all over the north of England carrying out larger scale works and problem solving for various different clients and companies, we always try and come up with the most cost effective solution for our clients.

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