Re Lay a Drainage Run

After attending this property to clear a drain we found that the whole system was sub standard with displacements on virtually all the joints with water leaking in multiple areas.

We could not guarantee that the drain would not block up again and were asked to provide a quote to replace the entire section with new plastic pipework. The quote was accepted and the work was booked in.

An excavation team attended the site, prepared the area and planned with the customer a schedule of works, with a large relay such as this it has to be done in sections to minimise disruption to the customer. The old pipe was removed and new plastic pipe were installed and bedded. The excavation was then backfilled and the previously removed turf was re-laid.

As well as carrying out all aspects of drainage work we also complete the jobs with all types of reinstatements types including, Tarmac, Landscaping, Concreting, Block Paving and flagging etc

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