Upgrade of Septic tank and pipe a ditch

We were asked to attend this site as we had been recommended to the customer due to our expertise in installation and maintenance of septic tanks and our lead engineers qualifications and knowledge of environmental issues. We were tasked with improving the standard of effluent from the outlet of the tank into the ditch as it did not reach the national level. Upon inspection we found the tippler tray was not functioning correctly and the media in use could be vastly improved upon.

The customer was also interested in pipeing the open ditch. We designed a new plastic tippler tray which we had manufactured and replaced the old media with new plastic bio marble as this offers a higher filtration level. We laid a new pipe to the ditch and connected it to the approved new pipework in the ditch. The ditch was then filled and made level completing the job. The effluent has since been tested and found to be meeting all the required standards.