Drain Inspection & Testing

Specialists in drain testing and inspection

We understand that a drainage issue however small can be very disruptive and inconvenient. Whether it is in the household or at commercial premises it is important to locate and fix any potential faults sooner rather than later to prevent them escalating into larger problems.

Here at Pipescan our engineers are trained to carry out drain inspections and testing using the latest technology including high quality, full colour CCTV survey cameras and radio detection locating equipment.

Renowned for our reliable and efficient service, we are experts at identifying a drain fault quickly and causing minimal disruption in the process. As well as leaks, a drainage survey can also identify any structural problems, root ingress or blockages.

Why carry out drain inspection or testing?

  • A drain inspection could be required to identify the cause of a recurring problem, such as damage / breaks to the drain, root ingress into the drain and leak caused by damage to the pipes / joints
  • A drain inspection / locating is prudent and quite often required if carrying out building works near to an existing drain, an inspection carried out before works will confirm the condition of the drainage, which will give peace of mind and may stop further costs in the future to rectify. A post completion inspection will confirm if any damage has occurred to the drain during the works being carried out, quite often if the building is near a public sewer then 2 surveys will be required, one before building work commences and one after the building work is complete.
  • Drain location / inspections also give you the customer peace of mind as once carried out you will know exactly what condition your drains are in and where they run.
  • A drain inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a new property. Any faults found can then be rectified pre-purchase or budgeted for post completion.

If you are interested in our drain inspection / testing services or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact ourselves by using our contact form here