Drain Lining Park House Hotel Blackpool

We where called to this hotel to rectify a faulty liner.

A previously installed liner had failed, this was causing blockages to the system. A drain CCTV camera was used to identify the problem and a probe and detector was used to find the location. It was discovered that the previous liner had folded causing blockages to build up behind it, we had to devise a solution to rectify this problem. A no dig solution was the only sensible solution as the pipe was over 4m deep under a large hotel.
It was decided to insert a flexible tube past the fault and then circulate water heated to a temperature above the cure rate of the old liner, therefore softening the lining material. Once soft the lining was pushed back to as near the original shape as possible by using water pressure in the inserted tube. The temperature was monitored and the correct time period was allowed for the re shaping process. Once this was complete the water temperature was cooled and the pressure released. Finally a CCTV survey was carried out to confirm the repair had been sucessfull www.drain-cctv.co.uk.

Because this repair was being carried out in a large hotel with residents in we also had to set up over pumping equipment to ensure that the hotel functioned as normal and had no detrimental effect to there business.
Lining is normally used when excavations are either nost cost effective or cannot be carried out. The process for lining is, a resin impregnated felt tube is inverted or dragged into the damaged pipe. A calibration tube is then usually used to inflate and compress the wet out liner to the host pipe to form a pipe within a pipe. The resin is cured by a chemical process, and heat. Once cured in place, the calibration tube is removed; and the drain is then formed and watertight.

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