The Royal George Hotel

We were asked to attend the Royal George hotel in Blackpool as they were experiencing blocked drains which in turn was causing flooding into one of the bathrooms. We attended, used rods and high pressure jetting equipment and appeared to clear the blockage. On further testing it was revealed that although the drains had been cleared there was in fact a further underlying problem as we managed to block the drain up again. We reported all this back to the owners of the hotel and recommended that they got their building insurance involved as the follow on work could spiral in cost due to the depth and location of the drains in this area. We were then asked to provide a report for the insurance Company.

Following this the loss adjuster requested a site meeting and he instructed us from site to proceed with the investigation and provide a quote rather than using their normal contractors due to the emergency nature of the job, our knowledge of the local ground conditions and the speed of our response on work already carried out. The investigation team attended with ultra sonic location equipment and found the problem to be in the alley at the rear of the hotel at a depth of around 3 meters.

The job was then priced and approved and an excavation team attended with all required equipment. Due to the depth of this excavation we had to install trench supports and make sure the area was correctly fenced off, signed and guarded. The are was then excavated down to the broken pipe this was then removed and a new section installed, we also installed an access point in case of future blockages as there wasn’t one there previuosly and hotel are prone to having blockages due to the number of people using the system. The excavation was then back filled and re instated.

We can offer Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts to Hotels, Resteraunts etc to hopefully avoid the owners having serious blockages which can result in large outlay as well as loss of earnings due to the environmental impact.

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