We were initially called to this customers property to diagnose a problem with their septic tank, upon investigation it was found that the septic tank had failed and with the advent of the new rules regarding septic tanks which discharge to a watercourse further details here it was decided that the best long term option was the installation of a packet treatment plant.

As can be seen by some of the pictures their were some access restrictions to this site so this had to be noted when ordering plant machinery and more specifically the dimensions of the treatment plant. Finally it was decided that a Klargester BioFicient would be the best model of treatment plant for this site.

Once work began, some areas needed to be cleared to gain enough access for machinery then the old tank was emptied and removed, excavations were then carried out for the tank area, pipework runs and ducting.

The treatment plant was then installed, all pipework connected and electrical cables run through the ducting ready for our Electrician to connect everything up.

Our electrician connected everything up and the plant was set up and tested, the area around the excavation was given a coating of top soil and reseeded. All plant machinery was removed and arches were reinstalled to give the customer the best possible outcome for the scope of work carried out. The customers review can be found on our Which? Trusted trader page here

Should you have an issue regarding a septic tank, treatment plant, soakaway or would just like some advice regarding the new rule changes please feel free to get in touch on 01253 811181 or by using our contact page here