We attended this property to diagnose an issue with the clients old septic tank.  This tank was found to have failed and because it was discharging to a watercourse and the new rules regarding this fact it was decided to install a new Treatment Plant.

The new rules regarding septic tanks discharging to watercourses can be found on the government website by clicking  here

The logistics of this job where quite challenging,  although the treatment plant was being installed in the middle of a field actually getting to the location of the install with any materials / plant was a challenge.  We worked alongside local farmers who allowed us to have deliveries stored outside a nearby barn.  They then fetched up the materials in a tractor and trailer a few pieces at a time.   We cannot thank them enough for all their help with this logistical issue.

The first part of this job required that the old septic tank was emptied and then with the aid of an excavator totally removed.  The excavation was then made larger in preparation for the installation of the new treatment plant.   A new concrete pad was installed and the Treatment plant installed on top.  All the pipework and electricals where connected and the plant was set up and tested.

It was also decided to install pipework downstream of the tank to the watercourse connection.

The treatment plant that was installed here is a Klargester BioFicient

Should you have an issue regarding a septic tank, treatment plant, soakaway or would just like some advice regarding the new rule changes please feel free to get in touch on 01253 811181 or by using our contact page here