Drainage in Preston | Why Plastic Pipes are the Popular Choice

When it comes to blocked drains, prevention is better than a solution. While we deliver extensive services to get drains unblocked, we recommend regular maintenance to keep systems in Preston functional. CCTV drain surveys are the best way to check pipes for any potential problems, including as part of homebuyers’ surveys. Our contractors then provide drain repairs or replacements, if necessary. We use the highest-quality materials and work with all types of drainage pipes. For new installations, we often suggest plastic pipes for their superior characteristics.


Compared to other materials, such as concrete, clay, or steel, PVC plastic piping provides a host of benefits. It often requires fewer drain repairs but, like all drainage, requires professional servicing to keep your drains unblocked. Below are some of the reasons why PVC pipework is a consistently popular choice in Preston and the surrounding areas.


Lightweight and Flexible


Plastic pipes are considerably lighter than traditional materials, making them easier and cheaper to transport. Installing lightweight pipes also requires fewer workers and machines. As well as reducing labour costs, the installation process is quicker, meaning our Preston customers suffer minimal disturbance.


Should you require drain repairs, plastic is a simple and cheap material to fix or replace. CCTV drain surveys allow for localised repairs and solutions to blocked drains, further reducing costs and disruption.


PVC piping is also highly flexible and fracture resistant. To an extent, it yields under load, which is an important factor when installing underground drainage. The flexibility of plastic means it is easier to manufacture pipes to specific shapes and lengths. This means fewer compromises, which results in more effective drainage services.




Unlike other options, plastic piping is available in extended lengths. The advantage of this is fewer joints and connectors, reducing the risk of leaks. Where we do use joints, they often outperform other materials in watertightness.


PVC joints push together and are gasket-based or bonded with solvent cement. This results in a more reliable system, requiring minimal maintenance and drain repairs. If you do experience leaking pipes in Preston or Blackpool, our drain surveys and tests accurately locate the issue.


Less Friction


The smooth internal surface of plastic drainage pipes allows water to flow freely without fluid friction. It also prevents the build-up of slime, which hinders function and leads to blocked drains.


The improved efficiency of water flow minimises the risk of flooding in Preston and overall, this reduces the amount of maintenance plastic pipes need. For the most effective drainage, we still recommend regular drain surveys. These ensure we detect and fix any minor problems before they escalate, including keeping drains unblocked.


Chemical Resistance


PVC drainage systems are resistant to chemicals, such as those from effluent or contaminated soils. These cause corrosion of other materials, resulting in costly drain repairs. PVC is also resistant to many alcohols, fats, oils and most common corroding agents. This makes it the sensible choice for sewage and water drainage systems in Preston.


While resistant to chemicals, plastic pipes are more prone to damage when getting drains unblocked. As such, some methods are unsuitable for clearing blocked drains made from plastic. Our specialist contractors use CCTV drain surveys and appropriate tools to clear systems without damage.


To discover the benefits of plastic drainage in Preston, Blackpool and the nearby areas, call 01253 811181.

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