Drain CCTV Camera Survey

We have invested heavily in up to date state of the art drain cctv camera equipment capable of surveying all pipes from 100mm dia to large culverts. Our camera's range from micro camera's to large crawler units with the latest dvd, cd, usb and sd card recording equipment capable of producing the finished data on site if required. With the recent change in legislation regading the transfer of sewers a lot of local water authorities are now requiring all new drains to be camera surveyed prior to them adopting the sewers.

Drain CCTV surveys are also widely used in property purchases. We can survey the drains of the soon to be purchased property and give you a verbal or written report on the state of the drains so you don't get any nasty surprises in the near future. We can also supply a report suitable for mortgae or lenders requirements, A common misconception is that drain CCTV surveys are extremely expensive.

Here at pipescan we always advise the customer of the most cost effective route to a survey and prices for a look see survey start from £50 To discuss or book a camera survey please do not hesitate to contact ourselves on 01253 811181 Further information on our range of camera's and their uses can be found on our website www.drain-cctv.co.uk